Hoodville, IL

L&N Railroad

Milepost: 386.21

L&N Hoodville Depot

Hoodville Map

McLeansboro Township

Hamilton County

St. Louis and Southeastern Milepost: 4

South of County Road 975 North and the railroad

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 38.04928366,-88.52390612

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According to Ralph Harrelson's book on Hoodville, on April 5, 1870, the St. Louis and Southeastern Railroad obtained a section of land through John and Anderson Hood's land. The depot was built south of present day County Round 975 North and west of the railroad in 1872. At some point, the depot was gone but it remained a flag station. Mr. Harrelson states that he had had the experience of 'caughting the train' in Hoodville. Mrs. William Faulkner shared with Ralph that the depot had porches on the east and west sides and two rooms.

The train derailed in February 1876 and then again in the late 1960's at the Ten Mile Creek Trestle north of Hoodville.

Hoodville, Illinois, By Ralph S. Harrelson, 1975.

Hoodville Map

Gholson Brothers

Hoodville 1905 Map

Goshen Trail Magazine

Hoodville, Illinois Former Railroad Depot

Hamilton County Historical Society