Thackeray, IL

L&N Railroad

Milepost: 377.01

L&N Thackeray Depot

Thackeray L & N Depot

Harrelson, Ralph S., A New Geography of Illinois: Hamilton County. Benton, IL: Illinois Magazine XVII, No. 2 (February 1978)

Crook Township

Hamilton County

Southwest corner of intersection of County Road 1355 N and the railroad track

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 38.119909,-88.454589

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The St. Louis and Southeastern Railroad named milepost 377 after the English novelist and author, William Makepeace Thackeray. The depot was retired on 10/27/1950.

The Yesterdays of Hamilton County

1938 Thackeray Depot Aerial Photo

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs 1938

1938 Aerial View of Thackeray

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs 1938

Thackeray Map

Courtesy of James Gholson

Thackeray L&N Depot was located on the south side (left) of the tracks

David Cantrell, August, 2018

Facing East in Thackeray, IL

David Cantrell, August, 2018

L & N Train and 544 Passenger Car at Thackeray
L & N 544 built by L & N RR between 1904 and 1907

Courtesy of James Gholson

Savatran ES44AC 1982