New Shawneetown, IL

L&N Railroad

Milepost: 419.22

L&N New Shawneetown Depot

New Shawneetown L & N Depot 1969

Courtesy of Ghosts of Old Shawneetown Facebook Group

Gold Hill Township

Gallatin County

St. Louis and Southeastern Milepost: 37

Southeast corner of Edison St. and railroad intersection

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 37.713081,-88.187586

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In 1937, the midwest experienced a devastating flood. For Shawneetown, it was one of several in a line of tragic episodes including 1883, 1898, and 1913. New Shawneetown was established and most of the residences and businesses relocated. The old depot was moved in the late 1950's and was converted to a residence.

The L & N schedules show the new town as New Shawneetown and the old one as Shawneetown. A small building for the L & N was constructed at New Shawneetown in the 1950s.

Google maps labels the new town Shawneetown and the old one as as Old Shawneetown.

The 1938 aerial photo shows a spur off the main line and some large buildings.

1938 New Shawneetown Aerial View
L & N depot not built

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs

New Shawneetown Growing after 1937 Flood

Ghosts of Old Shawneetown Illinois

New Shawneetown L & N Depot with 59 Impala

Ghosts of Old Shawneetown Illinois

1960 L&N Depot at New Shawneetown

SIU Morris Library Special Collections

Former Site of L & N Depot New Shawneetown 2018

Ghosts of Old Shawneetown Illinois

1949 New High School materials moved along railroad in New Shawneetown

Ghosts of Old Shawneetown

New Shawneetown, Illinois 1956 Aerial Photo

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