Lawler, IL

L&N Railroad

Milepost: 414.56

L&N Lawler Depot

1938 Lawler Aerial Photo

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs 1938

Equality Township

Saline County

St. Louis and Southeastern Milepost: 29

Northeast corner of intersection with Route 1 and the railroad

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 37.7282731067,-88.285081386

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Lawler Station service began on January 15, 1871. The rail traversed land owned by a former Civil War General Michael Lawler. The stop was 200 yards south of the Lawler family home and across from the Old Guineaville coal mining settlement. The railroad built a depot and 3 company houses at Lawler. Southwest from the railroad depot were fifty-one houses for the workers of the Hickory Hill mine. When the mine shutdown, the depot was moved and the train no longer stopped at Lawler.

Ghost Towns of Southern Illinois - Glenn J. Sneed<

Map of Lawler Station