Ohio River Bridge

Henderson, KY

L&N Railroad

Milepost: 314

L&N Henderson Depot

L & N Ohio River Railroad Bridge

Photo by David Cantrell

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 37.845184,-87.595314

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In 1885, the railroad bridge across the Ohio River at Henderson, KY was constructed. It has a length of 9,882 feet. In 1932, it was rebuilt at a cost of $3,748,000.

Historic Evansville

Railway Age, Volume 94, Simmons-Boardman, 1933

Track Map Showing Ohio River Crossing at Henderson, KY

1999 Canadian National-Illinois Central Track Profiles

Henderson L&N Ohio River Bridge

Henderson, KY River Front 1913

Louisville and Nashville Locomotives Cross Henderson, KY Ohio River Bridge


Henderson, KY Auto Ferry and Ohio River Railroad Bridge

Henderson, KY Ohio River Frozen in 1936

Henderson Railroad Bridge