Eldorado, IL

L&N Railroad

Milepost: 403.25

L&N Eldorado Depot

Eldorado Union Station

History of Eldorado, Averil Miller-Mathis

Eldorado Township

Saline County

St. Louis and Southeastern Milepost: 21

Southwest corner of the intersection of the L & N railroad and the NYC railway

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 37.81323502,-88.43587702

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The first Elder-Reado railroad survey was conducted in 1853 according to the History Of Eldorado. The History of Saline County summary states that the St. Louis and Southeastern Railroad was completed to Eldorado on February 28, 1871. Eldorado served as the intersection of the L & N with the Cairo and Vincennes railway. An L-shaped wooden depot was built at the intersection around 1895. The Filson Historical Society L & N Architectural Archive contains the following records on the Eldorado location:

  • Roll 15: Proposed Union Station -- Eldorado, IL, June 1895. Floor plan and track level elevation for a proposed Union Station in Eldorado, Illinois. Station is L shaped with a general waiting room at its center, agent offices that flank the waiting room and a freight rooms at the far east and west.

A brick depot replaced the wooden one on October 31, 1927. The old Union Station was moved to Grant Street and improved for use as the L & N Freight Station.

A History of Eldorado by Averil Miller-Mathis

A History of Saline County by Mitchell-Carnegie Public Library, Harrisburg, IL

Kenneth R. Trigg and Saline County Genealogical Society Book - History of Eldorado

L&N Architectural Plans - The Filson Historical Society

Eldorado Depot Map

Eldorado Aerial View

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Eldorado 2018 Aerial View

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Eldorado Union Depot, December 1900

Foothold on a Hillside, Charless Caraway

Eldorado Union Station

Eldorado, Our Hometown, Illinois

Eldorado Union Depot Postcard

Eldorado Union Station

Eldorado, Our Hometown, Illinois

Eldorado, Illinois Union Depot

Steve Griffin

Eldorado Union Station
Built 1927

Rex Settlemoir

Eldorado Union Depot, 2019

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Eldorado Union Depot North, 2019

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Eldorado Union Depot South, 2019

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Eldorado Union Depot West, 2019

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