East St. Louis, IL

L&N Railroad

Milepost: 483.61

L&N East St. Louis Depot

East St. Louis Yard
1938 Aerial View

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs

East St. Louis Township

St. Clair County

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 38.627422,-90.174333

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In East St. Louis, the Louisville & Nashville Railroad had a 50,000 square foot freight house and team tracks next to the Eads Railroad Bridge. An engine maintenance facility and a railroad yard were east of the Relay Depot at 3rd street. The railway ended at the Wiggins Ferry terminal on the Mississippi River front. The Terminal Railway Association provided connections to the L & N's offline freight station in North St. Louis. In 1922, its market share was 4.6% of east side railway business and 1.6% of the St Louis-East St. Louis area.

The East St. Louis Freight House had 483 door openings on the track side while 364 were found on the team side. There were 3 tracks that could hold 39 cars on the house side. The team side consisted of 2 tracks with a 30 car capacity.

1922 Engineers Committee Report, St. Louis-East St. Louis Railroad Terminals

1876 East St. Louis Map

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1905 L & N Freight Depot
East St. Louis Map

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1922 East St. Louis Railroad Terminal Map

Engineers Committee
St. Louis-East St. Louis Railroad Terminals

1932 East St. Louis Railroad Freight Houses Aerial Photo

National Archives

East St. Louis Freight Yard

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East St. Louis 1940 Census

National Archives

1922 L & N Freight House
East St. Louis

Engineers Committee
St. Louis-East St. Louis Railroad Terminals

East St. Louis
L and N Freight Depot

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L&N Locomotive 1949

L and N Locomotive 39, East St. Louis

L&N #399

L&N Engine 2768 East St. Louis IL #1