Union Depot 3rd St

Carmi, IL

L&N Railroad

Milepost: 359.97

L&N Carmi Depot

1909 Carmi Union Depot

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Carmi Township

White County

Southeast corner of intersection of 3rd Street and the railroad track

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 38.092304,-88.164383

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Carmi had Union Depot at 3rd street, then 1st Street. There was a Freight Depot for the L & N at 3rd Street. A Big Four Freight Depot was located at 5th Street.

On the November 6, 1893, citizens of Carmi petitioned the Board of Railroad and Warehouse Commissioners for assistance in improving the depot facilities in the town. At that time, the L & N depot at 3rd street was used as a passenger terminal for both this railroad and the Big Four. Freight facilities for the Big Four were housed at 5th street.

W. S. Cantrell, Chairman of the Railroad and Warehouse Commission, achieved agreement from the L & N on December 1, 1893 for renovation and enlargement of the Carmi Depot.

Annual Report of the Railroad and Warehouse Commission of the State of Illinois, Volume 23, 1894

The plans for the upgraded Carmi Depot are located in the Filson Historical Society L & N Architectural Archive.

  • Roll 12: Proposed Improvements in Station Building at Carmi, St. L. Div -- Carmi, IL, April 1894
    Floor plan and elevations (track level and end) for proposed improvements to a station building at Carmi, Illinois.
    Station consists of both a women and men's' waiting room, an office with adjacent ticket window and telegraph table and a baggage room. Plan has an extensive note detailing information on windows, doors and the glass used within both.
  • Roll 13: Proposed Improvements in Station Building at Carmi, St. L. Div -- Carmi, IL, May 1894
    Details of proposed improvements to a station building in Carmi, Illinois. Drawing features the floor plan for the bay (telegraph table space) as well as an elevation and cross section through the bay.

L&N Architectural Plans
The Filson Historical Society

1893 Carmi L & N Freight and Passenger Depots
on opposite sides of 3rd Street

Sanborn™ fire insurance map
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at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Steam Locomotive at Carmi L&N Depot

Carmi, Illinois Former 3rd Street L and N Depot Site, January, 2022

David Cantrell

Carmi, Illinois Union Depot Platform