Forman, IL

CB&Q Railroad

Milepost: 209.13

CB&Q Forman Depot

Forman CB&Q Depot 2018

David Cantrell

Johnson County

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 37.345163,-88.912964

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Big 4 and CB&Q Intersect at Forman
1919 Map

University Of Alabama Historical Maps

Forman CB&Q Depot at Vienna

David Cantrell

Forman CB&Q Depot Photo

David Cantrell

Cypress Swamp, North of Forman, IL, April 19, 1920

Robert S. Platt Collection
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Forman CBQ Big 4 Crossing

Bart Hileman

Forman, Illinois CBQ Depot Moved to Vienna

Ceasar Maragni
Southern Illinoisan (Carbondale, Illinois), 17 February 2000

Forman Depot Museum Opening
Donated by Clarence Allbritten

Southern Illinoisan (Carbondale, Illinois), 18 Jan 2003

Vienna Train Station