Rinard, IL

B&O Railroad

Milepost: 68.0

B&O Rinard Depot

1938 Rinard Aerial View

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs 1938

Keith Township

Wayne County

Northeast corner of Broadway and the railroad

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 38.57059068592042,-88.46340000629425

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The origin of the village of Rinard was related to the railroad. The vice-president of the firm approached residents about purchasing oats. An agreement was reached and side track installed. The first depot was a box car. When the railroad building was built in the spring of 1871, it was the second structure in the town. It served as the first post office location as well. R. L. Wilcox was the only station agent because the building burned. The third depot was a shed with a side open on the east end.

Leaving Rinard on Facebook by Ed McCormick

History of Wayne and Clay Counties Illinois, Globe Publishing Co, 183 Lake Street, Chicago, IL, 1884, p. 240

Rinard Map

Rinard Depot

Courtesy of Ed Mccormick

Rinard Depot

Courtesy of Ed Mccormick

Rinard Depot Shed

Courtesy of Ed Mccormick

Doodlebug 352 at Rinard

Courtesy of Ed Mccormick