Omaha, IL

B&O Railroad

Milepost: 18.2

B&O Omaha Depot

B&O Omaha Depot, 1913

Marie Blackard

Omaha Township

Gallatin County

Southeast corner of Harrel Ave. and 1st St.

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 37.891030,-88.300234

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Omaha was also a farming community. The name Omaha was suggested by the St. Louis & Southeastern Railroad's first baggage-master that had held the same position in Omaha, Nebraska. My cousins Carrie and Ralph helped identify the location of the former depot. Andy Pritchett stated that there was a staging area south of Omaha where farmers could load cattle onto train cars but no more information is available.

According to The Daily Sentinel newspaper in Woodstock, Illinois, on February 4, 1937, water at the Omaha depot was up to the eaves of the structure.

History of White County, Illinois, Inter-State Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois. 1883, p 958

1938 Omaha Aerial View

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs

Omaha Map

Omaha Topographical Map

Omaha Aerial Photo

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Omaha Illinois Baltmore and Ohio Depot 1907

Locomotive moves through flood waters at Omaha, 1913

Omaha History file by Marie Blackard
Norris City News, May 27, 1971
Norris City Library

Omaha, Illinois 1913 Flood and B and O Cars

Junalee Phelps-Nelson

Omaha, Illinois B&O Depot on Right 1913 Flood

Junalee Phelps-Nelson

Omaha, Illinois B&O Depot in Background During 1913 Flood

Junalee Phelps-Nelson

Omaha, Illinois B&O Depot in Background During 1937 Flood

Junalee Phelps-Nelson

Prairie Trunk, PARY 475
Omaha, IL 8/3/1983

Courtesy of Richard Kundert

Omaha, Illinois B and O Bridge Block - BR 16

David Cantrell