New Shawneetown, IL

B&O Railroad

Milepost: 3.1

B&O New Shawneetown Depot

B&O New Shawneetown Depot 2017

Photo by David Cantrell

Gold Hill Township Township

Gallatin County

North of Fulton Street between McLean Road and Edison St.

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 37.71340303,-88.18893903

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In 1937, the midwest experienced a devastating flood. For Shawneetown, it was one of several in a line of similar tragic events. New Shawneetown was established and most of the residences and businesses relocated. Plans for a depot building were announced in January, 1938. The possibility of a Union Station with Louisville and Nashville railroad was rumored. The aerial photo doesn't indicate a new building in the summer of 1938. A spur off the main line and some large buildings housed equipment and supplies for the resettlement are visible. The Old Shawneetown water tower was moved to this vicinity.

The B & O schedules show the new town as New Shawneetown and the old one as Shawneetown.

Google maps labels the new town Shawneetown and the old one as as Old Shawneetown.

Dixon Evening Telegraph (Dixon, Illinois) 26 Jan 1938, Wed • Page 6

1938 New Shawneetown Aerial before B & O depot built

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs

New Shawneetown 2018 Aerial View

DOT Railroad GIS

New Shawneetown Depot

Courtesy of Duane Carrell and the B & O Historical Society

New Shawneetown Growing after 1937 Flood

Ghosts of Old Shawneetown Illinois

B&O RDC at New Shawneetown
Sponsored by St. Louis Chapter, NRHS

The Sentinel by B&O Historical Society, 2nd Quarter 2015
Ed Johnson photograph, R.R. Wallin collection

B&O RDC's at New Shawneetown

Ray Gehl

New Shawneetown B&O Depot

New Shawneetown Depot 1980s

Ghosts of Old Shawneetown

Shawneetown 1973 Industries

B and O St. Louis Division Customers 7-1-1973

Prairie Trunk Locomotive at New Shawneetown

New Shawneetown Depot 2017

Photo by David Cantrell

New Shawneetown Depot 2017
Facing Old Shawneetown

Photo by David Cantrell

New Shawneetown Facing Junction
Abandoned Box Cars

David Cantrell

Rail made in 1902 at New Shawneetown

David Cantrell

Abandoned Box Cars at New Shawneetown
Penn Central PC 207139
PLE 5658 2018

David Cantrell

New Shawneetown, Illinois Looking Towards Junction

David Cantrell

New Shawneetown Aerial Shows Railroad Track Wye on Left Side of Photo

USGS Earth Explorer

New Shawneetown Map Shows Peabody Coal Railroad Passing Below The Village

Illinois Coal Maps