Hubbards, IL

B&O Railroad

Milepost: 50.0

B&O Hubbards Depot

1938 Hubbards Aerial Photo

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs

Barn Hill Township

Wayne County

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 38.328628755898414,-88.3640456199646

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Old maps and schedules show Hubbards and Hubbard listed as the stop at milepost 50. Hubbard was a part of Barnhill Township. Although the train stopped to pick up passengers, milk, cream, and egg, a depot was never built. The Ohio & Mississippi Railroad did not keep the pledge to build two depots in Barnhill Township so the citizens rescinded their contribution of funds for the effort.

Judith Puckett learned from Karlene Worley that 'Hubbard's Crossing' was where the railroad intersected the main road. 'Hubbard's Switch' was a place to meet just northwest of the intersection. There as only one track through Hubbard and only an old building in that area, not a depot.

History of Wayne and Clay Counties Illinois, Globe Publishing Co, 183 Lake Street, Chicago, IL, 1884, p 201

Gilead Church, the Crossing, and the Switch, Interview of Karlene Worley by Judith Puckett, Wayne County Historical Society

Hubbards Map