Enfield, IL

B&O Railroad

Milepost: 33.1

B&O Enfield Depot

B&O Enfield Depot

B&O Railroad Museum

Enfield Township

White County

Northeast corner of Railway Ave. and Gowdy Ave

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 38.09826398,-88.34597399

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Enfield had a depot for both the L & N and B & O railroads. The Louisville & Nashville Railroad intersected just north of the B & O building. In 1906, the Illinois Railroad and Warehouse Commission directed that an interlock be installed at the B&O Depot to protect the crossing. The B&O was ordered to operate it while the L&N was to provide reimbursement of $15.00 monthly. The B & O tracks were sold and removed when the Prairie Trunk Railway went out of business. A section north of the old depot enables Consolidated Grain shipments to be prepared for transport by the Evansville Western Railway. Consolidated has their own locomotive for maneuvering the cars. The L & N depot was east of this location.

History of White County, Illinois, Inter-State Publishing Company, Chicago, Illinois. 1883, pp 528


Enfield Map

1938 B & O and L & N Junction at Enfield

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs

Enfield B&O Depot

Enfield B&O Depot at L&N Crossing

Enfield Illinois B and O Depot 1920s

Enfield Depot Falling Down

Courtesy of Duane Carrell
and the B & O Historical Society

Former B & O Depot Site, 2017
South of the L & N track

Photo by David Cantrell