Barnhill, IL

B&O Railroad

Milepost: 47.0

B&O Barnhill Depot

Barn Hill Township Map

Wayne County Historical Society

Barnhill Township

Wayne County

Northeast corner of Main and railroad

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 38.28444097,-88.36558001

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Barnhill was located in Barnhill Township at milepost 47. Although the train stopped at Barnhill a depot was never built by the railroad. There was a store that served the function of a depot and a second track along the area. The Ohio & Mississippi Railroad did not keep the pledge to build two depots in Barnhill Township so the citizens rescinded their contribution of funds for the effort.

On March 31, 1913, rail service from Flora to Shawneetown was stopped at Barnhill because of flood waters south to Shawneetown. Telegraph communications were lost to Shawneetown but remain connected to Duncan north of Shawneetown.

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Barnhill maps and information from Judith Puckett, Wayne County Historical Society

History of Wayne and Clay Counties Illinois, Globe Publishing Co, 183 Lake Street, Chicago, IL, 1884, p 201

Barnhill Map

1938 Barnhill Aerial View

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs

Barnhill, Illinois B&O Depot

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