Altamont, IL

B&O Railroad

Milepost: 106.7

B&O Altamont Depot

Altamont B & O Depot

Effingham County, Illinois Courthouse Museum Facebook

Effingham County

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 39.060685,-88.751507

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Altamont 1938 Aerial View

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs

Altamont Depot and Tower

Effingham County Courthouse Museum

Train approaches Altamont Depot

Altamont, IL History

Altamont Union Depot 1906

Altamont Depot 1912

Altamont, IL B&O and Penn RR Intersection

Altamont, IL History

Altamont, Illinois Union Depot

Altamont, Illinois Union Depot - CEI and Wabash Railroads

Altamont, Illinois Union Depot 1971


Altamont B & O Depot, 1950s

Altamont, IL History