Altamont, IL

B&O Railroad

Milepost: 106.7

B&O Altamont Depot

Altamont B & O Depot

Effingham County, Illinois Courthouse Museum Facebook

Effingham County

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 39.060685,-88.751507

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Altamont 1938 Aerial View

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs

Altamont Depot and Tower

Effingham County Courthouse Museum

Train approaches Altamont Depot

Altamont, IL History

Altamont, Illinois B&O Tower and Locomotive

Altamont Union Depot 1906

Altamont Depot 1912

Altamont, IL B&O and Penn RR Intersection

Altamont, IL History

Altamont, Illinois Union Depot

Altamont, Illinois Union Depot - CEI and Wabash Railroads

Altamont, Illinois Union Depot 1971


Altamont B & O Depot, 1950s

Altamont, IL History