Stonefort, IL

Big 4 Railroad

Milepost: 203.9

Big 4 Stonefort Depot

Stonefort Big Four Depot Museum

David Cantrell

Saline County

Estimated GPS Coordinates: 37.614830,-88.707766

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1938 Stonefort Aerial View

Illinois Historical Aerial Photographs

Stonefort Big 4 Depot

Bart Hileman

Stonefort Big 4 Depot

Bart Hileman

Stonefort NYC Depot

Stonefort Big 4 Depot 1974

Last Conrail Train on the Big 4, March 1982, Mile Marker 204

Hovie Stunson
Commemorating 150 Years of History in Harrisburg, IL
A Pictorial Celebration of Harrisburg's Sesquicentennial

Stonefort Depot Painting

By Brenda Riley

Stonefort Big 4 Depot Museum

David Cantrell

Tunnel Trail at Stonefort
Facing Cairo, 2018

David Cantrell